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guitarist // composer // events promoter



Born and raised in London, Harry Christelis is becoming a well known name on the UK music scene, recognised as a player with a unique sound that draws upon his many musical influences.
While studying Jazz at Middlesex University, Harry was able to focus on his craft with help from some of the biggest names on the European jazz scene. Invaluable guitar tutoring with Stuart Hall and Chris Montague, as well as lessons in harmony and theory, performance, composition, and arranging from the likes of Nikki Iles, Rob Townsend and Chris Batchelor.
With a keen interest in so many types of music, it was inevitable that Harry would become involved with many projects that range in style and size. From duos to 20+ piece ensembles, his bands are rooted in jazz, hip hop, west african musics, blues, rock, and electronic music. Many of these groups are his own, exploring his ever growing repertoire of original compositions.
Groups and musicians he has performed with include: The Moostak Trio, Teotima, The Magic Lantern, The Harry Christelis Organ Trio, Strangelove, Bukky Leo, FUR, Jakaboski, Leo Richardson, Mike Gorman, Andrea Di Biase, Dave Storey, and many more. Just a few of the venues that he has played include: The Vortex, Wilton's Music Hall, Nell's Jazz and Blues Club, Hootananny's, and Glastonbury festival.
Harry is also becoming very active in the event curating world, and heads Clonmell Jazz Social, an organisation that has put on many concerts across London that showcases the best the UK jazz and improvised music scene has to offer. CJS is also instrumental in putting on Summer Jazz Weekender, a hugely successful jazz festival each year at Greenwich Peninsula that includes beautiful and diverse selection of bands and musicians, for all to enjoy for free.

moostak trio

The Moostak Trio, a London group set at exploring the riches within the world of instrumental improvised music. Formed through the harmonious connection between long standing friends and collaborators Harry Christelis, Andrea Di Biase, & Dave Storey, the ensemble seeks out the soft and ambient tones within their original compositions, interjected with moments of fire and intensity. The arrangements of the music are a spontaneous exploration between the trio, using space and patience to instigate highly interactive conversations between the three distinct voices, voices that draw their inspiration from many different places. A seamless blend of free improvisation, jazz & folk harmonies, and immersive sonic landscapes.

Debut album will be released in late 2019. 



rubber walrus

Rubber Walrus is newly formed trio of three of London's most exciting up and coming players Joseph Costi, Yusuf Ahmed, & Harry Christelis. The group formed through a mutual love of compositions by The Beatles, and a desire to interpret them in unique way that reflects their love of jazz tradition and free improvisation. 

the magic lantern

In 2018, Harry started working with Jamie Doe, aka The Magic Lantern, a London based singer and song writer with a unique style that reaches far outside the traditional folk world, with classical, jazz, and many other influences from across the globe shaping his music. Alongside Will Harris on double bass, the three perform Jamie's music in an intimate and immersive trio set up.

velasco & christelis duo

Duo project between Harry Christelis and Pedro Velasco, two friends and like minded guitarists set at exploring music from traditional jazz and folk repertoire. 

standards quartet

Live recordings from Regents Street Festival 2014 with Alex Hitchcock, Andrea Di Biase, & Ben Brown.

events promotion

Clonmell Jazz Social is focused on bringing the best of the UK’s vibrant jazz and improvised music scene into clear view for all to appreciate and enjoy. Running events in spaces across London, as well as a yearly weekend festival in Greenwich Peninsula started in 2015, CJS has put on dozens of concerts that have drawn people in their thousands to realise the wealth of incredible artists that are right on their door step.

Musicians that have played CJS events include Chris Batchelor, Paul Clavis, James Allsopp, Andrea Di Biase, James Maddren, Nathaniel Facey, Ferg Ireland, WAAJU, Rob Luft, Caravela, Dave Storey Trio, James Copus, Bahla, Fabled, and many more.

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